Thursday, November 8, 2012

Editing Checklist, #6: Chapters & Scenes

This is more about structure, but structure is very, very important.  Are your chapters and scenes giving you the most bang for your ballpoint?


- Does it start with something interesting?
- Does it have a clear point?
- Does the action drag out too long?
- Does it end with something intriguing?


- Does it grab the reader's attention right away?
- Are there any long descriptive/introspective passages (that don't raise important questions)?
- Does it end with a cliffhanger?

First Chapter Specifics:
- Does it introduce the main characters?
- Are the h/h introduced in a humanizing way?
- Is there enough of the right kind of info for readers to form emotional attachments to the h/h (esp. the heroine)?
- Is there too much info (aka "info dump")?

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