Saturday, November 17, 2012

Editing Checklist, #15: The Final Touch

Ready for our final installment here?  Good.  Because this might just be the most important one.

The two most important lines in the book are the first line and the last line.  A wise author has pointed out: the first line sells your book.  The last line sells your next book.

Let's sell your next book.

- Does it end on Goldilocks Time (remember: not too early, not too late)?
- Does it match the tone of the rest of the book?
- Does it leave the reader feeling happy/satisfied/bummed the book is over?

Congrats!  You've finished with the Editing Checklists!  I hope they've helped you as much as they helped me.  My manuscript was total shit when I started this.  Now, I think I've got something I can be proud of.

Good luck!  See you on the shelves!

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