Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting Wet: Recipe #2

Tough people deserve tough drinks.

File:Absinthe fountain.jpg

The Green Faerie

The writer's drink from way back. Preferred by the likes of Oscar Wilde and Van Gogh. Now simplified for your enjoyment.

But do yourself a favor: do it right or don't do it at all...

Step 1: Pour an absinthe dose (1/2-1 oz.)

Step 2: Place the absinthe spoon and a sugar cube (or a half) on the glass

Step 3: Pour iced water very slowly on the sugar till the desired dilution (3-5 parts water for 1 part absinthe)

Step 4: Slightly stir with the spoon. Your drink is ready!

(Thanks to The Absinthe Spoon for laying out the steps)


  1. Yum... sounds so good. Now, I really want one of those dispensing machines... so cool.

  2. Right? It's totally on my wishlist, too!


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