Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good News, Everyone!

Professor Fransworth from Futurama spouting his catch phrase "Good news everyone!"

It's a Launch Day Extravaganza!

Sunday, September 1st, marks the launch of my newest book, What The Body Needs

I know! I'm excited too! And I've been thinking to myself, "Self, what could you do to make this even more exciting than it already is?"

Not bloody much, let me tell you.

But then it struck me. I'll make it free on Launch Day!

I hope you'll join me over on this Sunday for my Launch Day Extravaganza. It's going to be great! And if anyone wants to bring drinks, well, I won't say no...


  1. Sweet! Free means I can afford it. And love it (most likely). And review it (honestly).

    Wow. I am getting brave.

    Good luck, Laura! *fingers and toes crossed for a million-billion copies sold*

  2. Thanks Rose! Can't wait to hear what you think! And you are TOTALLY brave :-)


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