Monday, July 16, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again (Sort Of)

I've noticed something (no, no, not that; the doctor said it was benign...).
I've noticed that in my writing, and in the flashes of inspiration I occasionally get, certain... "themes", for lack of a better word... keep cropping up.  Certain types of characters, certain situations, certain things I think just rage sexy.  This is probably not all that uncommon, and is probably not even all that interesting, but just for giggles, I thought I'd share what those things are.

Recurring "Themes" That Ramble Around In My Head

1) Tough main characters.  I don't know why.  I just think tough is hot.  Especially in women.  I don't think I could write about a heroine who is nice and sweet and just trying to find someone to appreciate how nice and sweet she is.  No offense to anyone who writes about heroines like that; I just couldn't do it.  I would hate her.
And of course, if the heroine is going to be tough, the hero had better be just as tough, if not tougher.  My ladies need a man who can keep up (feel free to read as much into that as your dirty little mind wants).

2) Blue collar professions.  By this, I mean my characters don't work in no stinking office.  The hero of my current novel is a gold-dredger.  The heroine of my next novel is a construction forewoman.  I guess it ties in with my "tough-is-hot" complex.  No offense to all you office workers out there- I'm sure you can be just as *bad* as anyone else- but working with your hands is tough.
And therefore, hot.

3) Music.  I have a soundtrack for my current book (maybe I'll share someday).  I have one for my next book.  The heroine of my current novel is a self-made blues singer (I'm just giving all kinds of stuff away, aren't I?).
Music just catches me right in the solar plexus, I don't know what else to say.  The right music puts me in the right frame of mind for what I'm writing about.  And if my characters aren't musical themselves, you better believe they know good music when they hear it.

4) Alcohol.  Wow, I hope my mother never reads this.  But my characters, much like I myself, like to drink.  Some of them like to drink a lot.  And no fru-fru girly drinks either; my heroines take whiskey, thank you.  Neat.  Maybe over ice, if it's really hot out.

5) Violence.  Before you ask, I had a lovely childhood.  But let's face it, folks, sex and violence usually go hand-in-hand (that, and sex and politics, but that's another show).   
That does not, repeat, not mean my heroes are ever violent with my heroines (or other female characters, either).  A man being violent with a woman isn't sexy; it's weak.  And my heroes are definitely not weak.
That said, my heroes do know how to handle themselves in a fight, and fight they will, usually to protect my heroines.
Not that they need the help, mind you, because my heroines can all kick some pretty wild tail on their own. 

6) An Obsession With "Place".  I love traveling.  I love getting lost and winding up somewhere new.  I love "forgetting" my GPS smartphone at home and having to navigate by wits alone.  And I have incurably itchy feet (isn't there a powder for that...?).
All of those things find their way into my writing.  Maybe it's just me, but when I read a book where the setting isn't explored at least a little bit, I feel like there's something missing.  I go to great lengths to pick a setting that I find interesting and compelling, and I'm almost neurotic about making sure I flesh it out as effectively as possible. 

I find this all mildly amusing to think about.  I hope you found it at least as mildly amusing to read.

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